On Easter Monday 2nd April 2018 a joint event organised by the DGOT and the Thames Valley and Great Western Omnibus Trust (TVaGWOT) saw a recreation of the old 217 route between Exeter and Minehead.

This route was at one time jointly worked by Devon General and Western National, so vehicles from both fleets were used: Devon General’s AEC Regal HTT 487 and Western National’s Bristol LWL5G LTA 772 and Bristol SUL4A 270 KTA. On board were some 60 members of the Devon General Society and supporters of TVaGWOT.

The buses left Exeter at 10:45am and followed the former 217 route, stopping off at Tiverton, Dulverton and Dunster before arriving in Minehead for a lunch stop.

The return journey followed the same route and the buses were back in Exeter Coach Station shortly after 6pm.